Healthy Pecan Snacks- Hatch Chili, Sea Salt, Maple Flavor Texas Native Activated Pecans

Activated Native Texas Pecans

  • Crispy, buttery, delicious Activated Native Texas Pecans are unlike any snacking pecans you’ve every tasted.

    What are ‘activated pecans’?

    Activated pecans are soaked in purified rainwater and then slowly dehydrated. This is called “activating,” which simulates the start of the pecan’s natural germination process.

    This is said to make the pecans easier to digest and the nutrients more bioavailable. One thing is for sure — it makes these native Texas pecans crispy and delicious.

    Each 6 oz. bag features only 2 ingredients: native Texas pecans and all-natural seasoning.

    Choose from Maple, lightly dusted with Vermont maple sugar and Hatch Chili, lightly sprinkled with New Mexico Hatch Chili powder. (not hot — just a tiny hint of flavor) Each of the flavors is subtle. (and in our opinion, addicting!)

    Both flavors are amazing alone for snacking. We also recommend to try either flavor on your favorite fresh garden salad.

    Texas native pecans are low in saturated fat, high in dietary fiber, and naturally non-GMO. Add these healthful pecan nut snacks to your pantry today.

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  • Hatch Chili Flavor: wild-crafted active pecans, powdered hatch chili (hatch chili, silicon dioxide as anti-caking agent)


    Maple Flavor: wild-crafted active pecans, maple sugar
Sea Salt Flavor: wild-crafted native pecans, organic sea salt

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