Agrumato Lemon Texas Olive Oil, Lone Star Olive Ranch

  • Texas Olive Oil Agrumato Style Lemon Fusion Blends, 250 ml

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    Agrumato describes the process of crushing fresh, whole olives together with fresh lemons, bulbs of garlic or herbs.  As the two components are crushed together, essential oils and natural flavors are 'fused' into the olive oil. Seeds, pulp, leaves, rinds and stems are discarded along with the olive pomace.

    It is labor-intensive and requires skill and patience to produce the correct ratios for perfectly balanced flavors. 

    The resulting fusion of flavors and aroma is superior to oils which are simply 'flavored' with oil or extracts after milling.

    A great must have for every lemon lover.

      Each 250 ml (8.5 oz) bottle of Lone Star Lemon Agrumato Olive Oil contains just two ingredients: 100% Texas cold extracted extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon. 

      Purchase by the bottle (250 ml) or choose a multi-pack.

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    • Complements with  poultry, seaford, vegetables, stir-fry’s and salads.

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