Where to Buy Mexene Chili Powder?

Where to Buy Mexene Chili Powder?

We are contacted several times a week by Mexene fans across the US who are frantic because Mexene chili powder has ‘disappeared’ from local grocery stores. 

Bruce Foods, Inc. (New Iberia, LA) sold their rights to several brands, including Casa Fiesta and Mexene, in early 2016. The new owner of the brands caters primarily to large commercial buyers and does not sell the brands directly to consumers through their websites. 

We have reports that a few regional grocery store chains do stock Mexene and Casa Fiesta products but coverage across the US is very limited. 

The good news?  TexasFoodsDirect.com is an authorized online distributor of Mexene and Casa Fiesta products, selling directly to consumers and small business/restaurant owners.

We guarantee fast shipping and super-friendly service!  

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