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Spicy Tortilla Soup Starter Mix by 'Soups of Success'

Spicy Tortilla Soup Starter Mix by 'Soups of Success'

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Spicy Tortilla Soup Mix by Soup of Success

Making delicious soups has never been easier! With Soups of Success Spicy Tortilla Soup Mix, you can instantly create a restaurant-quality meal with only minutes of preparation time.

This blend is perfect for making a hearty soup that serves 6-8 people. Add chicken breast, browned ground beef or shrimp to the starter mix and top with fresh tortilla chips, sour cream and fresh grated cheddar cheese. Try adding the starter to a casserole dish to give it a bold, Tex-Mex twist.

Create many tantalizing dishes that feature the flavorful spiciness of Tex-Mex without hours of prep work - simply stir in Spicy Tortilla Soup Mix to make an unforgettable meal that your family will request again and again.

All-natural · Gluten-free · MSG-free · Non-GMO · No preservatives.

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