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Texas Raw Honey + Cinnamon by Desert Creek, Creamy and Spreadable

Texas Raw Honey + Cinnamon by Desert Creek, Creamy and Spreadable

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Texas Raw Honey + Cinnamon by Desert Creek

We are pleased to welcome Desert Creek Texas Raw Honey.

Their best-selling product is the spreadable Cinnamon Creamed Honey, made from 100% natural and fat-free honey and the highest quality brown cinnamon available. Imagine the delicious aroma of a warm, buttery cinnamon roll, and you'll have an idea of what our creamed honey tastes like, without any added fat.

There are many ways to enjoy Cinnamon Creamed Honey. You can mix it with nuts and eat it straight from the jar, or warm it up and drizzle it over vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for a healthy and warming cinnamon honey glaze. It's also delicious spread on warm biscuits, toast, and waffles, and can be used as a pure and sweet glaze for steak and chicken.

For those looking for a healthier sweetener option, this honey can be mixed into tea or coffee. It has a spreadable consistency similar to peanut butter but may vary in texture depending on the temperature. Although it doesn't require refrigeration, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a firmer texture. If you prefer a softer consistency, simply place it in a warm location such as a sunny window.

Don't miss out on the delicious and healthy goodness of  Texas Raw Honey 100% Unfiltered - order now and experience the difference of true, natural honey!

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