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Texas Roasted Pecan Snacks, 5 oz - Cocoa Dusted Chocolate

Texas Roasted Pecan Snacks, 5 oz - Cocoa Dusted Chocolate

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Cocoa-Dusted Chocolate Pecan Snacks

Treat yourself to the delicious flavors of Texas with Hoot-n-annies Texas Roasted Pecan Snacks. We've got a mouthwatering Cocoa Dust flavor that combines tasty cocoa-candied pecans with a sprinkle of powdered milk chocolate, all from the beautiful Texas plains.

It's a sweet and crunchy snack that captures the essence of Texas in every bite. Enjoy the goodness of pecans, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa in this irresistible treat. It's a real taste of Texas, crafted with care for your snacking pleasure!

Whether you're craving a wholesome snack or searching for a unique pecan gift, our Texas Roasted Pecan Snacks have you covered. 

These pecan snack items are proudly made in Texas and are GO TEXAN certified.

Ingredients: Pecans, sugar, vanilla flavor, vanilla extract, natural and artificial flavors, cocoa processed with alkalai, carrageenan, spice, salt.

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