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Texas pecan cooking oil Texas Pecan Oil for Cooking, Dressings, Marinades 250 ml (Product of Texas)
Texas Pecan Oil for Cooking, Dressings, Marinades 250 ml (Product of Texas) from $ 20.97 $ 51.99
Pure Texas pecan oil is perfect for dressings, marinades, stir-fry, grilling and so much more. Try some today and it may soon become your favorite cooking oil. Texas Pecan Oil, 8.45 ounces Pure, premium cooking oil from American native pecans  Expeller-pressed in Dripping Springs, Texas High smoke-point oil for searing, saute, stir-fry and grilling Delicious and versatile butter substitute Keto-friendly Product of Texas
addison artisan roasted texas pecan coffee Addison Coffee Roasters
Texas Pecan Coffee, 12 oz Drip Grind, Gourmet Small Batch Quality from $ 11.95 $ 14.94
Texas Pecan Coffee by Addison Roasters Buy 2 More Items In This Collection, Save 10% Texas pecan flavored coffee is a delectable southern taste treat and it's sure to impress. Show your amazing good taste and purchase for coffee-loving friends, family or co-workers. Choose Texas Pecan, Mexican Chocolate Coffee or both. Made from premium Arabica beans and hand roasted in small batches for exceptional taste, quality and freshness in Dallas, TX by Addison Roasters. We think this is best Texas Pecan Coffee on the planet. Try some today and see for yourself! About Texas Pecan Flavored Coffee,  12 oz drip grind Medium light Latin American coffee beans Nutty and rich pecan flavoring About Mexican Chocolate Flavored Coffee, 12 oz drip grind Medium light Latin American coffee beans A hint of cinnamon and spices Rich, chocolate flavor inspired by traditional Mexican hot chocolate Ingredients:  premium arabica coffee beans, natural and artificial flavorings.
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activated native texas pecans maple activated native texas pecans maple
Healthy Pecan Snacks- Hatch Chili, Sea Salt, Maple Flavor Texas Native Activated Pecans from $ 9.99
Buy 2 More Items In This Collection, Save 10% Activated Native Texas Pecans Crispy, buttery, deliciousActivated Native Texas Pecans are unlike any snacking pecans you’ve every tasted. What are ‘activated pecans’? Activated pecans are soaked in purified rainwater and then slowly dehydrated. This is called “activating,” which simulates the start of the pecan’s natural germination process. This is said to make the pecans easier to digest and the nutrients more bioavailable. One thing is for sure — it makes these native Texas pecans crispy and delicious. Each 6 oz. bag features only 2 ingredients: native Texas pecans and all-natural seasoning. Choose from Maple, lightly dusted with Vermont maple sugar and Hatch Chili, lightly sprinkled with New Mexico Hatch Chili powder. (not hot — just a tiny hint of flavor) Each of the flavors is subtle. (and in our opinion, addicting!) Both flavors are amazing alone for snacking. We also recommend to try either flavor on your favorite fresh garden salad. Texas native pecansare low in saturated fat, high in dietary fiber, and naturally non-GMO. Add these healthful pecan nut snacks to your pantry today. View Our Texas Pecan Collection - Click Here