Shuping 100% Texas Post Oak Smoker Grilling Pellets (20 lb)

$ 19.97

Shuping 100% Texas Post Oak Smoker Grilling Pellets (20 lb)

$ 19.97

How to smoke the PERFECT Texas brisket?

Load your smoker or pellet grill with 100% Texas Post Oak grilling pellets.

Shuping Post Oak Grilling Pellets are the latest tasty innovation in 2022 from Hamlin Mesquite Products in Hamlin, TX.

Post Oak grilling pellets have a mellow oak flavor with a hint of sweetness that will level up your brisket smoking game! Enhance steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken and pork without overpowering other flavors.

No fillers, no additives, no bull. Just 100% native Texas post oak wood pellets.

Suitable for use with outdoor pellet-fired smokers, charcoal grills and gas grills.

  • Shipping Tip: We recommend 2 bags if your budget will allow. This typically results in a lower cost per lb with UPS and Fedex.

NOTE: These are smoker pellets for flavor; they are NOT designed for pellet-fueled home heaters and stoves, which may require a different density.

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